Groomsmen Shave Service Ann Arbor MI

Groomsmen need to be well-groomed for their impending wedding. You can’t get married without a good shave, so why not make it happen? Our team will come by and take care of that pesky facial hair with an aluminum-foil shaver or straight razor before your big day.


Do you have a groomsman who can’t be bothered to take care of himself? Is his poor shaving wreaking havoc on the rest of your wedding party and giving them all nicknames like “Shaver” or “Cuts”? Don’t worry! We will make sure that everyone fits right into their designated roles. You won’t even need any gel or cream – just let us handle everything for him so he’ll look sharp from head-to-toe (or wherever else people are looking) while feeling relieved knowing there is nothing more than soap involved during service time.

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Groomsmen shave service is precisely what you need to ensure that the groom’s best man is prepared and ready on his big day. Whether for an anniversary, birthday celebration or just because they know someone will be impressed by their bravery with a straight razor.

Groomsmen shave service should be fun and exciting to prepare for your wedding. Until now, you’ll never have barbershop meets military in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For the groom who’s stressed about shaving his face or paying attention during make-up training with mom? Get our professional help today to look as fresh as possible on that day ahead of him. Plus, we offer discounts if you book more than one person at once (or want us all together), call us up; no awkward questions asked – only happy service delivered right here in town where everyone knows how much business haircut services bring home each year thanks especially from young professionals outgrowing their hair.

The perfect bachelor party experience is just a phone call away! Does your groomsmen group need help planning their shaving session? Well, look no further than Groomsmen Shave Service. We offer an array of services for all types and sizes of brides-to-be as well as the guys who plan them out in Ann Arbor, Michigan.