Neck Shaving or Trimming Service Ann Arbor MI

It sounds like you need neck shaving or trim! Ann Arbor’s finest has what it takes to make sure your hair is short and drama-free. If you are looking to shave your neck and reduce the appearance of aging, we offer this service. Our skilled professionals will trim away hair on an area so close that it could be mistaken as a part in its own right! Neck shaves are one of the most popular services at this Trim and Fresh salon. Ann Arbor’s finest barbers offer precision cuts that leave you feeling clean-shaven without any neck hair leftover.

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There are a number of good reasons why you should choose our barber shop Ann Arbor for any of the listed services.

Neck shaving or trimming at Ann Arbor’s Ideal Image is a great way to remove unwanted hair from your neck. The benefits are many and varied, but some may include:

A more refined appearance that will make you feel confident about how well-groomed the back area of your head looks; Feeling safer when driving because others can’t see as much under those hairs; Less chance for acne breakouts caused by dirt ingestion during everyday activities like sleeping etc.; And lastly more minor stubble irritation which leads one having a pleasant experience in general.

Men and women who want a fresh, new look should consider getting their necks shaved or trimmed. The benefits of this service are numerous: you’ll be more attractive to members of the fairer sex; people will notice that your face looks better without all those extra hairs sticking up on end (and bothering them); as well as feeling good knowing there isn’t anything juts hanging over somebody’s eyes when they’re talking with us.

You don’t want to shave your neck by hand. So, why not call the experts? With our many years of experience in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, we are sure that you will be satisfied with what they have done. We offer a wide variety of packages for both men and women, so make an appointment today or stop by one day when it’s convenient – All charges take about 30 minutes from start to finish. Contact us now.