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We have you covered or all your barber shop Ann Arbor needs. We are grateful for all the people who have trusted us with their hair and invite you to try out any of our services. Give us a call today and we will give you a free estimate of your desired services.

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As the best barber shop Ann Arbor, we offer a wide variety of services. These include:


If you want to clean your hair after or before a cut, we also have shampoo and conditioning services. We use the best products to ensure that your hair is taken care of. Our shampoos and conditioners are moisturizing. This is necessary to avoid dry brittle hair and to maintain volume, bounce and shine.


Apart from the hair on your head, we also tend to facial hair. We shave beards and trim them as well. The type of service you get depends on the result you want to achieve. Unlike with other barbers, we will not cut off more or less than you desire.


For those who own a moustache or a goatee, it is important to maintain it. We offer moustache and goatee shaping services. We are professionals and are skilled in various cuts. We can therefore shape your facial hair just the way you like or want it.


If you are one of our regular customers, you can pop in for a complimentary neck shaving or trimming. This complimentary service is often provided after your regular shave and you don’t have to pay a dime.


Who doesn’t like a hot towel on their face? Apart from opening the pores for a good facial, we also provide hot towel services so your facial muscles can relax. We know that there are different sources of stress that can lead to tight and tired muscles. Our hot towel services help to relax your face and alleviate some of the stress on your muscles.



If you suffer from a unibrow and like to get it waxed, we offer these services. We also shape and trim your eyebrows. One thing that we can all agree on is how vital the eyebrows are to the shape of your face. Properly shaped and trimmed eyebrows can transform your entire face. This service is available for everyone.


Our barber shop Ann Arbor also offers neck and shoulder massages. You get to pick between the standard massage and a deep tissue massage depending on how tense your muscles are.


For those who have white or gray hairs that they want to get rid of, we offer gray blending. This service involves coloring over the gray hairs. We also offer other coloring services. This includes hair highlights.


Apart from the regular services, we also offer specialized services.

For example, we offer wedding day or eve services if you and your groomsmen need a good shave and trim. During this time, you also get to enjoy some of our other services to help you relax as you prepare for the big day.

To enjoy any of our regular or specialized services, all you need to do is choose your preferred package. You could opt to get a simple shave or trim or go all the way and include eyebrow shaping and a deep tissue massage. The type of service or combination of services will determine the cost of your barber shop Ann Arbor visit.


There are a number of good reasons why you should choose our barber shop Ann Arbor for any of the listed services.


At our barber shop Ann Arbor, the customer is our first priority. We listen keenly to what you want: the level or shape of your trim, the areas of tension on your shoulders for the massage and how you want your eyebrows shaped. This helps us to plan and appropriately execute your cut or any other service that you need. We believe that you know what you want and like.

In other cases, you may want our input on what will work best for your unique hair, eyebrows or face if you are looking to get a facial. Because we are professionals, we can give our recommendations. However, it is still your choice at the end of the day.


We have enough employees to cater to many customers. Once you are in touch with us, we slot you in at your earliest convenience and as soon as we can. You don’t have to wait in the shop for your turn. As long as you are slotted in, you can leave and be back fifteen to twenty minutes before your scheduled time. We also have enough chairs and other equipment and tools necessary for the job. Whether you want us to use a razor or clippers, we are always readily equipped for your request.


Our services are unparalleled because we are professionals. Every individual who attends to you has been highly trained and vetted. We know what we are doing and how to best meet your needs. As long as you communicate well in advance, you will receive unmatched professional services.