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A bustling city with plenty to offer both residents and visitors alike! Ann Arbor is still relatively unknown compared to other cities. Its size doesn’t mean you won’t find your next favorite restaurant or salon here, thanks partly because there have been so many new developments happening over recent years.

Your hair deserves to be pampered and protected – so, why not get it done at home? Shampoo your locks with dry hands or a comb if needed. Massage conditioner through scalp while rinsing until residue-free water runs clear from the end of the bottle; repeat as necessary depending on length (long). Combine excess liquid drops into the sink, then proceed to the final step: the towel drying process can take 2/3 hours per head). Once damp enough, apply leave-in deep conditioning treatments which will last about 30 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly under running tap water, letting spray hit roots multiple times. Now we’re set! You have just gotten an appointment for an express blowout.


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Are you looking to get your hair professionally done? Ann Arbor, Michigan Barbershop, offers a shampoo and conditioning service that will make all the difference in the world.

Are you looking for an expensive salon experience without heading out of town? This place is perfect! Get pampered with our top-of-the-line products while being treated like royalty by one very talented hairstylist or color specialist. If you’re looking for a salon experience that is more than just your average hack job, then look no further. We offer the latest hair care technology at our salon and day spa with services like shampooing to conditioning treatments tailored specifically for all types of locks.