You can easily give new life to the tool by using the Accusharp shear sharp scissor sharpener. It honestly does not get any easier to sharpen scissors than with this product. Professional haircutting scissors are a must – with proper care they’ll last many years. In order to give a decent haircut, you need to have proper equipment that will help you get the job done right.   They come with different price tags, colors, styles, and lengths. As for price, you pick up a pair for around $20 at a beauty shop, or you can purchase scissors for several hundred dollars. If you give the occasional haircut at home, a $20 pair will do the job.  

However, if you cut hair all day, every day, at a salon, you’ll need the more expensive, higher quality scissors.  You get what you pay for. Proper Care Regardless of the price you paid for your scissors, they all need proper maintenance and care.  At the end of every haircutting session (at home) or work day (at a salon), you need to clean, dry, and lubricate your haircutting scissors.Cleaning: Wash your scissors thoroughly with warm, soapy water.  Be careful not to hit the tip of the scissors against the sides of the sink.Drying: Use a soft, clean towel to thoroughly dry your scissors. Be sure to get between the blades to prevent any type of damage.Lubricating: Open your scissors at a 90° angle and put a drop of oil at the joint where the blades meet.  Work the oil into the joint by opening and closing the blades. This will work out any hair, dust, dirt or chemicals that found their way to the joint.When your are finished cleaning, drying, and lubricating your scissors, store them in the pouch that you bought them in. If you put your scissors in a box or bag, the tips of the blades could get damaged. Proper UseIf you follow these guidelines for proper scissor use, your scissors can last you a lifetime.

  • Only cut hair with your scissors.
  • Only cut clean hair.
  • Check regularly to see if your scissors need adjusting.
  • Get your scissors sharpened (by a professional only!) if they still don’t work properly after you’ve cleaned and lubricated them.
  • Keep your hair cutting scissors clear of any comb sterilization, perms or coloring chemicals – these will damage your shears.

It is very important to keep your scissors clean and lubricated because it lengthens the life of your scissors.  On the other hand, frequent use of dirty, dull or damaged scissors shortens the lifespan of your shears and will make it necessary for you to purchase a new pair sooner than if you had taken good care of them.  So do yourself (and your scissors) a favor: clean, dry, and lubricate!