The hair care industry has emerged a lot during the previous year. The improving technology and emerging hair products have provided a lot of exposure to the hair care industry. In Present Times This industry is not only limited to hair cutting but hair care treatments like hair smoothing, hair straightening, hair perming, hair conditioning has created a buzz among the customers. The hair care treatment aims at formulating products and treatments that help to nourish hair and prevent hair damage resulting from dryness, pollution, and other factors. Want to change your style without having to get a haircut? Many women face this decision and use hair straighteners to spruce up their style without having to visit a salon. But this isn’t just for the ladies, with personal appearances being on such a high pedestal these days; countless men are beginning to include hair straightening in their daily grooming routine. So whether you already have a straightener or you’re planning on buying one, here’s how to use it to tame those curly locks in no time.

Step One: Start with washed and dried hair to get the best results. Oily hair will look bad before and after straightening, plus conditioner will make your hair softer and give you a shinier result. It’s also important that you dry your hair properly, unless you have a wet to dry straightener which lets you use it on damp hair without burning it.

Step Two: Apply some heat protectant to give your hair some protection against the high temperatures of the hair straightener. Distribute it evenly and make sure you let it dry completely before touching your hair with the hot iron. You don’t want to cook the hair product into your locks.

Step Three: Divide your hair into sections, the thicker your hair the more sections you’ll need. It’s always best to start from the bottom and work your way up so to make things easier, pin the other sections out of the way.

Step Four: Hold the iron in one hand and a comb in the other. Pick up a small section of the hair with the comb and follow through by clamping the iron as close to the roots as possible and then slowly pulling it down to the end of your hair.

Step Five: Keep doing this until you get to the top layers of your hair. Once you’re done, you may want to apply some gel, mousse or even holding spray to keep your style in place. If you use gel or mousse, rub a small blob in your palms and apply it sparingly to avoid ending up with a greasy mess. Only use it on the ends for an edgy look.

These five simple steps should give you a good idea on how to get sleek straight hair in a few minutes, but before straightening you should make sure that you have the right hair straightener for the job. Check out the size and temperature recommendations according to your hair type for the best results.